Monday, 30 November 2015

Narrtive Task

I was learning to write a narrative story.  I found this hard cause i Kept going back and doing it over again but i am done.I think it is good.  My next step is to get a little better at it by remembering to put speech marks in and paragraphs

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Term 4 Week 6


Last Week the whole school had a whole school assembly.It was about fantastic Fridays that the year 3,4,5's and 6 were doing the last five weeks. It was the last week for the fantastic Fridays so we did a showcase on all the groups I was in the Traditional sports we just did a slide show to show everyone I thought it was fun but the cricket in when we were playing found hard to do.It was hard cause I never play cricket before.

First we went to the classrooms that we had our fantastic Fridays teachers My group had to meet in room 21 and meet our teachers there then we lined up and went to assembly when we got there we found our spot and watched everyone come in and sit down then we started the assembly There were lots of groups and I liked cool Science cause the stuff that they did.

next we watched everyone,s I was kind of bored just siting down there but it was over and we went back to class and we talked about what we were doing and what we liked I thought it was cool.

I think we should do it again cause it is a lot of fun!!!!!!!

Monday, 16 November 2015

Swimming Sharks

MY Reflection:
 I thought I did good at my arms but need more Practise for just putting my mouth out not my whole head and Need to go in a line not zing zag's everywhere cause that I thought I need more practise on that.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Term 4 Week 5


Last week we were doing our art. We were doing our jigsaw art there were to one was the rugby world cup and the other that only some people know which is a colourful elephant and I finished mine and other people that did not finish it would be up and it would look weird so you don't want to do that do you.

First we had to make a skecth and then we did the real thing I was doing good on mine but I only had one left and I finished it but when I finished it, We only had 20 minutes left of art so I was Lucky After you had finished you get to do SDL learning which Is a good thing so when I did that I went on with it.

We were doing this for our inqiury showcase in the school we saw a load of cool things there, I think Our one is the best one out of  them all cause it is cool pictures the teachers choose.

I think we did the best art ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nathan and the three pigs

WE had to write a Fractured fairy tale and I choose Nathan and his three friends like the wolf and the three pigs I found it easy to do this cause it was your own and you dont have to copy of something

Narrative Framework

We were doing a fairy tale but it is different characters
and new places and you make it up.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Term 4 Week 4

Last Week Room 28/29 went and had a look at the inquiry showcase  in the Auditorium. That is when every class in the school shows something to do with inquiry we are still doing our but it is not long till it goes up.

First We had to line up and we walked over to the Auditorium when we got there the whole class walked around looking at the cool things classes put up and I found something cool it was this thing were on person is on one side and the other on the other side and it is two plastic cup and one long piece of string one cup is tied to the string and the other cup is tied to the other side and it is like a phone but one person talks threw one and the other person puts it near there ear and hears them talking.

Next we found these things were you can put your head threw and it was a school person a girl and  a boy it was not real but it must be  a long time to make it cause classes  are not that big.

  I found it cool looking at the stuff that you can do and see at the inquiry showcase you should have a look at the awesome things that the classes like me and cause it is AWESOME!!!!!!