Friday, 24 July 2015

My Poster

                                                                 My Reflection:
                                                                I was learning to create a well-designed poster.
 I meet the criteria by making my own one but  it took a while to understand                                                                                                                                                                

Tree Planting

Today Room 28/29 went down just outside the back of the field we did tree planting.On the way down we saw lots of puddles Blake splashed in some puddles on the ways there and they were big puddles and they made big splash's.

First we leraned how to make the right size hole Then we put something called a feriliser pellets which we put in first be for the plant so it can grow faster so I planted about 8 or 7 but it was fun anyway.

Next we planted until we had to pack up but I wanted to do more so then we did our last plant then we put our spade away and washed our hands because they will be muddy and dirty so after we lined up and went back to class.

I was tierd and it was fun!!  

I was learning to add detail to my story to give the reader more informotion I used thoughts and adjectives I think I need to explain more about what I am writing about