Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Term 4 Week 2

Last week we did athletics we did  it in ages. Not last week but the week before the year 4 5 6,s did practise each day but not together I was good at running and long jump and good at high jump when we did the real  one it was pretty easy to do but some other people found it hard.

          First we all came to the Field when we  had finished or morning tea time and we went in our ages and sat in our line then waited for everyone to come and sit down when everyone came then we started going to our rotations my age started of at sprints which I am kind of good at I came 3rd place or 2nd place and made it into the Finals of running I was fast if I raced the girls in my age I would win I am not sure if I made it into the athletics team for running but in soft ball throws I was bad at throwing the ball far but I got a place for it which is good some people threw far some threw short but I fun. Thomas on his first turn he threw it so far he was standing on the cone the whole  time we did it.

 Next we went to high jump went on the side that we were good at doing high jump I did pretty good on my high jump on my side I came third and almost came second but it was too high Then we did long jump and on the first round I came 1st and on the second round I came 2nd but on the first round people jumped far  but stepped on the brown and not on the white so that did not count if you were on a ruler you would be into the finals  and I made it to the finals but I have not done that yet but soon I will vs the 9 year old boys or girls and the other people that came to the finals are Dee in my class and Riley S in room 13 and Interz in room 14 I am looking forward  to that .

I had so much fun doing athletics on Friday it would be good if we did it again some time.