Friday, 12 May 2017

Term 2 Week 2

Yesterday we went to the Buddhist  Temple for a trip. To learn about our values and about giving and sharing. The whole of year 6s and the whole of year 5s and we went on a bus there and some parents came on the trip to to help with the supervision. and when we got there some monks were waiting with umbrellas so we did not get wet. When we were there they talked about 3g and 4g ,3g means good deeds, good thoughts, say good words. 4g means give others joy, give others hope, give others confidence, and give others convenience.

After we did we had some brownies and some water and then we watched a video of sharing and giving. After the police came to talk about 3g and 4g they choose some people to come up and  dress in a police uniform and they did a role-play of them playing. Then one person playing on his own because he said that he was cool and he could play on his own. But then the other police were playing passes and he asked to join because he was seeing how much fun they had together as a group so he asked and they said yes and that meant you should always let other people play with you.

After we went back on the bus and went back to school it was rainy just like it was when we were going there.

what i liked most about it was the brownies

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Bridge To Terabithia

I found this easy to do because it was easy to think of the story that we read and watched bridge to terabithia it was cool activity. What we had to do was put the chapters in the right order and then you had to write a sentence  or more about the best part in the chapter then  write in then we had to upload it to our blog.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Making Connections

WAL to make connections between the real world and a text.

Room 20 has been reading the book,  called Bridge to ¨Terabithia¨
In the story, it was raining really hard and the creek was swollen and flooded. Yesterday it was pouring here as well. So we decided to do some authentic learning. We made some raincoats from plastic bags and walked down to see the creek behind our school. We could see the water flowing fast and the plants that had been flattened.
I thought that I freezing and cold but a cool thing to look at because it gave us a chance to see what it might look like in the book as well.