Friday, 10 March 2017

Term 1 Week 6

This last 4 weeks have jam-packed we have done Badges, Youth town, Choir and Camp MERC. Let me tell you about youth town. In youth town we were playing lots of sports like touch rugby soccer and even played with a Frisbee. And that is just youth town we have done choir. Now choir was just a practice so we were just singing and our choir teacher was Mrs D and she was just seeing who should be in and who just is really close but she could not pick you. I could not wait to tell you but I got my first badge and that was a P.E monitor and a P.E monitor is like a person who takes out the stuff that we need for playing games and for sports and there were lots of other badges handed out like head boy and head girl, Councillor and other jobs round the school. Then we also did some tests the tests that we did was maths, spelling and we will do reading and writing tests next week but i think I did could on maths and spelling.

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